2018’s Premier UG&I Event –

Welcome to the 2018 DSXchange – DFW Double Down Conference.

The DSXchange is celebrating over 15 years supporting a community of thousands of dedicated individuals around the globe invested in Unified Governance and Integration tools from IBM.  

With Think 2019 still 7 months out, we recognize that many companies need to make important decisions now regarding their direction.  They need to find the most efficient and effective ways to leverage IBM tools they already own and to perhaps procure others to meet their specialized needs.   We invite you to use this opportunity to take full advantage of open access we have made available to IBM sales and deployment managers, key third party industry partners and other technology leaders and peers. Enjoy formal classes, information sessions, presentations and hands-on laboratories covering a wide variety of UG&I topics including On-Premise, Hadoop and Cloud offerings.  We’ve put this all together for the sole purpose of provide you the information you will need to favorably impact your overall return on investment dollars.

The event takes place over the 3 days of September 5th thru 7th ,2018 at the HILTON Arlington Hotel in Arlington Texas.